Domiziani Family

The Domiziani Design Company boasts more than 30 years of experience in the ceramic sector, with a special focus on home furnishings. Founded in 1987 by Roberto Domiziani, the brand quickly expanded its market across Italy, Europe, and the United States.

Roberto’s creativity, and the ongoing research and development of raw materials like lava rock and volcanic stone, transformatively led the history of majolica ceramics into a new expression – home furnishings. Through the creation of tables, coverings, furniture, and by giving the customer the chance to completely customize their choice of shape, size, and pattern, Domiziani created functional art as it had never been done before.

In 2012, the company began ushering in a new generation of leadership. Sofia Domiziani and Christopher Domiziani began collaborating with Roberto in promoting new expansion projects, while continuing to create new contemporary products.

As the years have passed, the new generation has taken the helm. Sofia manages commercial, administrative, and organizational departments; Christopher handles art direction, product design, research & development, and production department staff training.

Today, Domiziani Design continues its tradition of success by expanding its brand to many areas of the world and by collaborating with reputable, reliable partners.

Pictured L to R: Sofia Domiziani, Roberto Domiziani, and Christopher Domiziani
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