Do you sell to the public?

We are Domiziani’s wholesale distributor in the U.S. We sell to both stocking dealers (select furniture/ patio stores and designer showrooms) and trade customers (designers/ project driven jobs). As we are not B2C, we encourage you to locate a dealer near you, or contact your preferred design professional. If you do not have a dealer near you or contact with a designer, contact us and we may be able to offer suggestions.


What does "On Order" mean?

The "On Order" field is the number of products that we have on order with the factory, representing the future availability of each item. As customers place orders online, this number is adjusted to reflect an accurate count. **PLEASE NOTE, this update is completed manually 1x per day, Monday-Friday, and as such may not be 100% accurate at the time of your order. For any questions on this process, please email [email protected]


How do you ship? Do you offer white-glove delivery?

All orders will be shipped as freight. We ship most orders 3rd party freight, LTL or full truckload. Products are crated and will arrive on pallets. No FedEx or UPS shipments. No white glove or product placement. White glove service can be arranged by the receiving party. For more information, see the freight section of the Terms and Conditions.


How should I clean my Domizani products?

Regular cleaning is necessary to remove dirt from the surface in order to prevent the buildup of surface grease and environmental contaminants; cleaning frequency will be determined by use and climate conditions. Cleaning is simple with warm, clear water and a mild, pH-neutral fluid detergent. Use a wet sponge or microfiber cloth to wipe down the table and base frame.  Rinse with fresh water and clean sponge/ cloth, dry and polish with a clean microfiber cloth. Spills should be wiped clean immediately. To remove moderate to severe atmospheric staining, it is safe to infrequently use a non-acidic alkaline limestone cleaning gel.


Is it possible that my table top will look different than the photos pictured online?

Yes, as each piece of stone has its own unique characteristics and hand-painting is never uniform, no two pieces will ever be exactly alike. Each pattern or design will closely resemble the shown images, but each piece is a unique work of art.


What is the story behind the red dot, is it on every piece?

As Roberto Domiziani was developing his unique style, he wanted to incorporate a signature look that identified the works as uniquely Domiziani. Inspired by the papal red stamped seal from the Vatican, only 150 km away, Roberto decided on a simple red dot for Domiziani’s unique stamp of authenticity. Depending on the size and piece, the Domiziani red dot can be found on many tops. Special order accommodations can be met to omit or include the red dot.

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Is there a warranty?

Yes, both Residential and Commercial warranties are offered.


What is your best-selling pattern?

COD 164, Luna Rossa is currently the best-selling pattern.

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Do I need to “attach” the tops to the base?  If so, how?

While the weight alone is an adequate “attachment” on most sized tops, if additional securing is desired, small nickel sized dabs of clear silicone adhesive can be used at the pressure points to secure the top to the base frame.


How should I handle the tops?

Care must be taken while handling the tops, see Use and Care for more details.


I see some occasional small hard bubbling on my modern design (COD item ID) top, is this normal?

Yes, these bubbles randomly arrise during firing and solidify when the table cools down. The overlapping of colors will often yield such unique results of beauty in shades and effects but also irregularities in the surface. We do not recommend breaking or popping these unique, occasional bubble effects as the color of the underlying stone will show through.

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